Morphe 25L Live In Color Artistry Palette

Il n'y a qu'un seul vous, Morphe Babe. Démarquez-vous. Soyez sans peur. Soyez fier. Et représentez l’arc-en-ciel avec Morphe 25L Live In Color Artistry Palette et ses teintes vives et crémeuses AF. Parce que vous êtes né pour vivre une vie vibrante, vive et explosive de couleurs. Laissez briller vos vraies couleurs. Les noms des nuances de la palette Morphe 25L Live In Color Artistry ont été inspirés par l'histoire des LGBTQ et par quelques-uns des plus courageux qui ont contribué à ouvrir la voie à un avenir meilleur.

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Morphe 25L Live In Color Artistry Palette contient :

Rangée 1:

  • Milk / matte bright white - Harvey Milk was an incredible civil and human rights activist and one of the first openly gay elected officials in the U.S.
  • Pride / matte juicy orange – For Pride 2019, we’re honoring The Trevor Project and their mission of providing healing support to LGBTQ+ youth in crisis.
  • Heart / matte bubblegum pink – What we’ve got for everyone working towards equality, inclusivity & acceptance.
  • 1978 / shimmering lilac - The year the first rainbow flag was designed as a community symbol for the gay rights movement.
  • Liberation / holographic metallic - Our shout-out to freedom from oppressive thinking or behavior.

Rangée 2:

  • Stonewall / metallic icy nude - The 1969 Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, NYC, served as a catalyst for the gay rights movement in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Culture / shimmering coral - Everything that shapes who we are as a collective.
  • #LoveWins / matte fuchsia - The trending hashtag after the historic 5-4 ruling on June 26, 2015, when the U.S. Supreme Court found bans on marriage equality to be unconstitutional.
  • SF / matte magenta with sparkle - Our tribute to San Francisco, which is often called a “gay mecca” and has been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ political and cultural movements throughout history.
  • Rise Up / shimmering sapphire blue - The act of standing up for what you believe in.

Rangée 3:

  • Sunlight / matte sunshine yellow - Each color of the rainbow flag has a different meaning; yellow symbolizes sunlight.
  • Life / matte scarlet - Red on the rainbow flag symbolizes life.
  • Sexuality / matte hot pink - Pink on the original eight-color rainbow flag symbolizes sex.
  • Truth / matte grape - Because we believe everyone should let their true spirit shine.
  • Harmony / shimmering marine blue - Blue on the rainbow flag symbolizes harmony.

Rangée 4:

  • Healing / metallic dazzling gold – Our golden wish for anyone who feels isolated and alone.
  • Activism / shimmering lime green - Being the change you want to see in the world.
  • Make Magic / shimmering turquoise - Turquoise on the original eight-color rainbow flag symbolizes magic.
  • Peace / shimmering Caribbean blue - What we hope for all babes everywhere. Gilbert / indigo sheen with sparkle - For Gilbert Baker who designed the original rainbow flag in 1978.

Rangée 5: 

  • Thrive / matte pear - What happens when you feel accepted for who you are.
  • Nature / matte green apple - Green on the rainbow flag symbolizes nature.
  • Art / matte minty blue - Because we believe that creativity and self-expression are powerful agents of change.
  • Parade / matte jade green - For the first Pride parade on June 28, 1970—and all the Pride parades it has inspired.
  • NYC / matte midnight black - Our tribute to New York City, which has a long history of LGBTQ+ community-building, activism, and culture.


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Morphe 25L Live In Color Artistry Palette

Morphe 25L Live In Color Artistry Palette

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